The Political Crisis


Right now, 650 people make decisions on behalf of 65 million. Most of us struggle to have a real say in big decisions affecting us. From the NHS, to Brexit, crises are growing bigger every day. Decisions are too often made for people and communities, not by them.

At every election we replace individual politicians, but the old way of doing things stays the same. Politicians accept vast donations from industries they’re supposed to regulate, the rich can buy political access via lobbyists, and our outdated constitution gifts a small elite with immense power over us. This creates situations where fracking is aggressively imposed on communities by ministers despite widespread opposition, and leaves local councils verging on bankruptcy whilst basic local services disappear.

We believe the lack of real democracy is exacerbating the multiple crises facing the UK.  

Together, we want to rewrite the UK’s entire political system. Instead of Westminster handing down instructions, communities have more say over their futures. Instead of serving the interests of corporations and the super-rich, politics should work in the public interest.

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Radical Solutions podcast


Welcome to our Radical Solutions podcast, where we interview people with big ideas to transform the UK.

In this latest episode we speak to Kath Dalmeny from SUSTAIN, and she discusses her vision for how we can create a food system that delivers healthy delicious food, good livelihoods and better medicine all while fighting climate change! Comment, share, like, tweet your reactions or tell us your #radicalsolutions!

This podcast was produced and hosted by Bridey Addison-Child and Tessa van Rens.

This series will see many people interviewed with different opinions. Unlock Democracy is creating a discussion about big ideas, but the views expressed by the guests are not the views of the organisation.


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